Children of All Ages Love Turtles and we
Bring Them to You!
Meet the Turtles
Meet some of the stars of "The Turtle Show Birthday Party"
Nate is an Ornate Wood
Turtle, one of the most
colorful turtles on our
planet.  Nate's favorite
food is strawberries and
when not performing
likes to bury himself in
the leaves.

Big Red is a Red
Footed Tortoise who
loves to explore and eat
his fruits and vegetables.  
Big Red will help show
the difference between
Turtles and Tortoises.

Michelangelo is one of
our Red Eared Sliders,
the most popular pet
turtle in the United
States.  Along with Big
Red he helps show the
audience some of the
differences between
Turtles and Tortosies.
Attention Parents:
Are you looking for a fun, entertaining, and Hassle-Free Way
to make your child's next Birthday Party Unforgettable?
More Turtle Videos and
Pictures Coming Soon!
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