Children of All Ages Love Turtles and we
Bring Them to You!
Frequently Asked
Q:  How long does the show last?
A: "The Turtle Show Birthday Party" lasts between 45-60
minutes depending on the number of children and the ages of
the children attending.

Q: How much space do you need and how long does it take
for you to setup?
A:  I need approximately 8 Feet X 8 Feet and the show takes
about 10 minutes to setup and pack down.  I usually arrive
approximately 20-25 minutes before the scheduled show time
to get setup.
(Click Here for Pictures of the setup)

Q: How many turtles do you bring?
A:  I bring between 7-10 different species of live turtles and

Q: Do you bring any animals other than turtles?
A:  No, "The Turtle Show Birthday Party"  features live turtles
and tortoises from around the world.  

Q: Can we chose which turtles and tortoises that you bring?
A:  If you or your child have seen my performances before
and have a favorite turtle or tortoise please contact me at
least 48 hours before with your request by
Clicking Here.

Q:  Can the children touch the live turtles and tortoises?
A:  No, to keep both your children and my turtles and tortoises
safe and healthy I do not allow the children to touch, hold,  or
pet any of the live turtles.  I do bring several real turtle shells
that are passed out during the show so that the children can
see what a turtle shell feels like and so they can look inside of
a turtle shell to see where the turtle spends its entire life.

Q:  Can we take pictures during the show?
A:  Yes, please take all the pictures that you want during the
show and feel free to post them on our turtle's
Fan Page.  I also allow time after the show for the Birthday
Child and their friends to have their picture taken with me and
some of the turtles.

Q: Can we serve food during the show?
A:  To prevent any distractions, spills, or interruptions, I ask
that food and drinks not be served during the show.

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