Children of All Ages Love Turtles and we
Bring Them to You!
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If you are planning a child's Birthday Party in New
Jersey and are looking for an exciting and
educational Live Animal Program you are in the
right place!   
"The Turtle Show Birthday Party"
will keep your child and their friends engaged and
entertained while they meet a variety of live turtles and tortoises
from around the world inlcuding an
Ornate Wood Turtle, Eastern
Box Turtle,
and a Red Footed Tortoise.  This high energy
program is self-contained meaning Steve brings everything with
him making it easy and fun to host for your child's next in-home
Birthday Party!  Watch the video below to meet Steve and learn
more about
"The Turtle Show Birthday Party"
What do the following all have in common?

  • A turtle with a soft shell...
  • The most colorful turtle species on our planet...
  • A tortoise with a huge appetite...

They are all featured in "The Turtle Show Birthday Party"
My calendar fills up fast and I am usually on the road performing
at schools, libraries, and private parties between 5-7 days a
week.  Be sure to contact me early to reserve your date.  The
easiest and fastest way to reserve a date is by filling out the
HERE.  Be sure to include your Party Location Zip Code
and the Date & Time that you are planning on having your party
so that I can check my availability before responding to your
email or phone call.  

Thank you and I look forward to making your child's
next Birthday Party unforgettable!
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amazing Reptile Birthday Parties in NJ.
Attention Parents:
Are you looking for a fun, entertaining, and Hassle-Free Way
to make your child's next Birthday Party Unforgettable?
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Live animal assembly program
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