All Aboard.....  Are you ready to go on an exciting adventure with Steve
the Conductor to help him solve a mystery and unlock the magic of reading?
Inspired by his two sons' love of trains and books, Author and Family Entertainer Steve Woyce created
"The Magic Conductor's Reading Adventures" for schools and libraries to get children ages 4-10 and their
families excited about reading.  This interactive and engaging program combines Theatre, Storytelling,
Comedy, Audience Participation, and Magic to spark curiosity and gets the entire audience involved in
helping to solve a mystery.  As the audience helps discover the clues, children will begin to realize the
powers that a book can hold and how reading can unlock doors to an imaginative magical world.  
Now Scheduling dates in your area!  Call now to reserve your date!
Now Scheduling dates in your area!  Call now to reserve your date!
Questions about "The Magic Conductor's Adventure Reading Programs".  The answers to the most frequently questions
are below but please feel free to
Contact Us if your question is not answered below.

  • What is "The Magic Conductor's Adventure Reading Program"?  "The Magic Conductor's Adventure Reading Program" is an interactive high
    energy performance that combines Theatre, Storytelling, comedy, Audience Participation, and Magic to get children ages 4-10 excited about
    reading.    This program is the perfect way to celebrate reading, promote a book fair, or for family fun nights.  This performance will get children
     excited about reading and create memories which will last a lifetime.

  • What do you need from us to host your program?  This show is completely self-contained making it easy for your school or library to host.  I
    bring everything need for the performance including a backdrop, tables, state-of-the-art Sound System and wireless microphones.  For schools the
    program can be performed in a gym, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, in the school library or on the stage.  A cleared area approximately 12 feet  
    wide by 6 feet with a ceiling height of at least 9ft is required to setup the performance and one working electrical outlet.  

  • How long is the performance?   The performance is 40-45 minutes of high energy fun that will keep the children engaged and excited about
    reading.  I will arrive approximately 90 minutes before the first scheduled program to get setup.  It generally takes me 10-15 minutes to load the
    equipment into your building and an hour to get setup and changed for the show.  I ask for 1 hour to break down  after the last performance but
     can usually do this uninterrupted in 30-45 minutes.

  • How many students/people can attend your performance?  I do not have any audience restrictions on the show and it plays BIG!  If you
      require multiple performances on the same day to allow for larger audiences I do offer back-to-back and split performance discounts.  

  • Do you do the same show for all grades/ages?  Yes, the script will vary slightly, but the same books/routines will be featured.

  • What is the cost of your program?  Pricing ranges from $595-$1500 depending on the state and county of your school.  Reduced pricing for
    libraries is available, please Contact Us for an exact price quote for your school or library.  My regular performing area includes all of New Jersey,
    Connecticut, Delaware, as well as parts of Pennsylvania and New York.  Occasionally, I will also travel further if multiple schools/libraries want to
      block book performances for their area.  

  • Do you offer any discounts?  I offer a 10% discount when multiple schools/libraries book on the same day.

  • When we schedule you to return to our school or library will the performance be different?  Steve currently offers two full shows, "The
    Caboose Mystery" and "The Dining Car Mystery" as well as several smaller themed Magic Storytime Shows for smaller audiences.  Steve also
offers a wide variety of other programs outside of "The Magic Conductor's Reading Adventure" series, so please Contact Us for more details
about all of his reading, educational, and seasonal programs for schools and libraries.  
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