All Aboard.....  Are you ready to go on an exciting adventure with Steve
the Conductor to help him solve a mystery and unlock the magic of reading?
Inspired by his two sons' love of trains and books, Author and Family Entertainer Steve Woyce created
"The Magic Conductor's Reading Adventures" for schools and libraries to get children ages 4-10 and their
families excited about reading.  This interactive and engaging program combines Theatre, Storytelling,
Comedy, Audience Participation, and Magic to spark curiosity and gets the entire audience involved in
helping to solve a mystery.  As the audience helps discover the clues, children will begin to realize the
powers that a book can hold and how reading can unlock doors to an imaginative magical world.  
Steve the Magic Conductor will inspire and motivate
children to read and use their imagination!
Steve the Magic Conductor is ready to pack up and head to
your school or library with his all new show!
Now Scheduling for the 2019-2020 School Year!  Call now to reserve your date!
The Dining Car Mystery
Join Steve the Magic Conductor in the Dining Car for an all
new mystery.  The audience will become Junior Train
Engineers as they help Steve search for clues to solve a
mystery in this train-themed program designed to get
children excited about reading!  Everything aboard the
Dining Car from Spoons to a Pitcher of Milk will help the
audience get one step closer to solving the mystery of what
happens when you can't get your head into a good book!

Packed with tons of audience participation and interaction
this is one program you don't want to miss.  Contact us
today to reserve your date!
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NJ Magician
Steve the Magic Conductor will show your audience how
much fun it is to read and use your imagination in this all new
high energy program!
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