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reptile assemblies
Invite author and turtle specialist Steve Woyce to your school, library, or next special
event!  Steve has several versions of "The Turtle Show" so please follow the links
below for the type of show that you would like to schedule.  Thank you for visiting our
website and we look forward to coming to see you soon!
Click on the type of Program that you would like to schedule:
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For more information about Steve Woyce and to see exclusive pictures and videos of
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Live animal assembly program
Reptile Assembly Program
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A School Assembly Program your Students will never forget.
Live Animal Assembly
" As an adult, and former science teacher, I was surprised at some of the things I learned
about turtles. I would definitely recommend this assembly program to my colleagues. It can be
difficult to find assembly programs that are appropriate for all of my elementary students,
affordable, educational, and engaging. The Amazing World of Turtles Assembly Program is all
of those things."
-Dr. Rachel Feldman, Holly Hills Elementary School, Westampton, NJ