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Click PLAY to watch some fun Shark Fact Videos for Kids by NJ Magician Steve
Woyce.  Be sure to come back soon as we are always adding new videos!
Fun and Amazing Shark Facts for Kids!
  • Even before dinosaurs roamed the earth,
    sharks hunted through the oceans!

  • There are over 400 types of sharks in the
    oceans today!

  • Sharks range in size from 6 inches to over
    45 feet!

  • A shark may grow and use over 20,000
    teeth in it's lifetime!

  • A typical shark has 7 fins and a tail!

  • Shark's brains are much larger than most
    bony fish.

  • The biggest part of a shark's brain are the
    olfactory lobes, the area used for
    processing smells!

  • A Great White Shark can live over 100