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Family Entertainer/Magician Steve Woyce
Top-Notch Family Entertainment for Birthday
Parties, Holiday Parties, Communion Parties,
and other Special Family Events

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Steve the Magic Conductor
Train-Themed Magic Shows for children who
love trains!  A unique experience that your
child will treasure for a lifetime!

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Steve the Magic Conductor will make your
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Some Things to Consider before hiring and paying a deposit for
any Birthday Party Magician or Party Entertainer!!!

The following information can save you lots of money, stress, & headaches and
help guarantee that your next party or event is a success!
Did you Know???
When you are planning a birthday party in New Jersey and call or email birthday party magicians or other party
professionals be sure that you know "WHO" you are hiring before you confirm or pay a deposit.  Many

"Entertainment Companies" and "Magicians" will book your party and send someone else out to "do the job".  That
means that the party entertainer you spoke with and the pictures, videos, and testimonials you might have read and
watched on their
website are not for the performer that you are going to have entertain at your party.

How can you be sure this doesn't happen to you and how can this affect your child's next birthday party or
special event?  

First, let me assure you that when you contact Steve Woyce, it is ME, Steve Woyce, that will perform at your party.
 Chances are your child has seen me at their school, daycare, library or another party.  You want a professional that
knows how to entertain children and work with you to make your party a memorable event, not a stressful MESS!  I
never send somebody out to do the work that I have been hired for and if I am not available I will never book the

work and pass it on to another entertainer.  If you are looking for a referral, there are a select few professionals that
I will gladly share their information with you and you can contact them directly to see if they are a good fit for your

Things to do before paying a deposit or confirming a magician for your party:
  • Ask for the Performer's Name that will be at your party.  Make sure you know who you are hiring.  Many entertainment companies will book the job and then
    reach out to other magicians to see who is "available" to do the job.  I get last minute calls all the time from both magicians and entertainment companies that
    have booked magicians for birthday parties, holiday parties, christmas parties, and communion parties and want to know if I am available to do the show.  
    These are people that have never seen my show or really know anything about me and they want to send me out under their company name.  

  • Ask to speak to the performer.  Once you know which performer is going to be at your party, ask to speak to them directly.  This will give you a chance to ask
    specific questions about the show they perform instead of hearing, "it is fun and filled with audience participation".  You know your child, family, and their
    friends, this gives you a chance to really see if the person that is coming out to your party will be a good match for your party.

  • Ask to see pictures and videos of their show.  Once you know the name of the perform and have had a chance to speak to them, ask to see a video or
    pictures of their show.  Once again this will help you make a decision if they are a good fit for your child's birthday party.

All the pictures, videos, and testimonials on my site are from shows that I have personally performed.  My website will give you a really good idea of what to expect
and for you to determine if it is what you are looking for.  One of the things I hear all the time from clients is, "You look just like you do on your website" or when I
walk into a large room of people for an event the host will walk over and say, "You are Steve".  That is because I have recent pictures and videos on my website and
business card and they know what I look like.  I have heard many stories from people that have hired a magician and a different person showed up that didn't do
what was expected, for example, the magician that arrived does not work with a rabbit but the website and videos all had pictures of a rabbit.  

Don't let your child be disappointed on a day that is supposed to be special and magical!  Follow the above suggestions and you will have a lot less stress at your
child's next birthday party!

Does all this REALLY matter???
Yes, it does matter.  Now let me start by saying that even if another magician arrives at your party from one of these
companies, they may not be bad.  You may get lucky and have a great time.  But...the opposite is also true.  Let's
start with why so many magicians and entertainment companies do this so you can better understand how it can
affect your child's next birthday party or special family event!

It comes down to MONEY!  If a magician or entertainment company can book your party plus 2-3 others for the
same time at $300 each and then find a "fill-in" magician to cover the parties they can't do, they are making money.  
This means you are paying $300.00 for a Magic Show and the magician is making anywhere from $150-$250 (or
possibly less if they are not experienced).  Do you really want to pay $300 and get a magic show and magician that
is worth $150 (or less)?  Don't waste your money!  The old saying, "You Get what you Pay for" is true in life and
when it comes to providing quality entertainment at birthday parties and other special family events.  There are
companies that hire college or even high school "magicians/actors", teach them a few tricks, pay them $50-$75 for a
show and really don't care if they are good at what they do.  

As a full-time professional magician/family entertainer with more than 20 years of experience I know how to conne
ct with children and their families.  I know how to control an "over-excited" crowd of 4-8 year olds as well as how to
get a shy 6 year to enjoy their special day without scaring them or having them run out of the room!  This knowledge
comes from experience of doing thousands of shows over the last 20 years.  I agree that everybody needs a chance
to "start out" in this business, just like any other business but, that should not be at "YOUR" expense.  When you pay
$300 or more for an entertainer you do not want somebody coming to your house that has never actually performed
in front of an audience other than their own family and friends.  The bottom line is, be sure you know who is coming
to your house/party, what their experience is, and then make the decision if it is a good match for your money and
your child's party!