Children of All Ages Love Turtles and we
Bring Them to You!
Frequently Asked
Q:  Is the show only for boys or will my daughter enjoy it too?
A:  Turtles and Tortoises seem to appeal to all children as
they are not scary or "creepy" and many of our fans are girls
who have seen our show at their school or library.

Q: What ages is your show geared towards?
A:  "The Turtle Show Birthday Party" is geared towards
children ages 4-10.

Q:  How many children should I invite to the party?
A:  10-15 Children is optimal but the show will work for groups
from 5 children to 25.  I can accommodate larger groups if the
space is available.

Q:  Can you do the show outdoors?
A:  Yes, weather and conditions permitting, I can perform the
show outdoors but I always ask that an alternate indoor space
is available for me to make the decision when I arrive.  
Outdoor performances offer many distractions such as wind,
noise, bugs, etc.  Outdoor performance temperatures must be
between 75-90F to ensure a safe environment for the turtles.

Q:  How much is the show?
A:  Pricing begins at $325.00 and additional travel fees may
apply depending on the location of your party.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A:  Yes, a Deposit is required to reserve a date.  

Q:  Do you supply hand sanitizer?
A:  I do bring Hand Sanitizer and Sani-Wipes with me for my
own hands but since I do not permit the audience to touch,
hold, or pet the live animals, I do not provide hand sanitizer
for them.  

Q:  Do you require a table or anything else special for the
A:  No, "The Turtle Show Birthday Party" is completely
self-contained and I bring all the necessary equipment with
me.  I sometimes will need to fill a spray bottle or bucket with

Q:  Why so much attention to detail?
A:  I want to make your child's next Birthday Party the best
party possible and like to make sure that the only "Surprises"
are planned by the turtles and myself!!!
Attention Parents:
Are you looking for a fun, entertaining, and Hassle-Free Way
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